My first post!!!

Hey you, whoever you are, welcome on this blog!

So this is my first post ever ever and I’m really excited if anybody will be reading this. Actually I don’t exactly know what this will be about, but I think It’s a good idea to tell you what to except to read on this blog.

One of my biggest hobbys is baking. I will share some recipes with you and hope they will taste you!  I also want to write about life, just some things floating around in my head, making me think or stuff I simply like to share with someone.

On the internet there are so many people and I’m feeling like a small island in the big wide ocean, not knowing which boat will discover my little world. Also whether it will stay and be my friend or just pass through.

Sooo exited of how this will go on!! If you’re reading this leave me a comment and tell me whether you had the same feeling 🙂

xxx Girl on rainbow


11 thoughts on “My first post!!!

  1. You are so cute! I’m so pleased I have found your little island, maybe you could look at mine? I’m so excited for more of your posts because I love baking but I am rubbish at thinking of recipie ideas!
    -Jess xx

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