Grey clouds in the world

Hey you,

this is a post from a new category. Writing about my thoughts and more deeper things. Hope you like it, and hope it is not too serious. Tell me in the comments 🙂 …. And just take a moment and smile.

When I look outside the window I see grey clouds. When I walk in a street I often see unhappy faces and everybody has no time. I think that’s one oft he biggest problems for ourself. We don’t care about ourselves or we care too much about ourselves.

You should take your time. I’m also thinking that but doing it? No, there are so much other things to do, school, work and all that stuff we have to do. I don’t want to say everything we have to do is bad or is making us unhappy. Of course not! But why aren’t there a bit more often happy faces in the world? I’m often trying to smile at other persons and it’s such a good feeling when you know: they’re smiling because of you. I’m often asking myself then, what is their story? And also whether there is anybody who knows it or to narrate it.

I also know that there happens so much terrible things in the whole world, so there are times you feel sad and can’t push yourself, don’t want to ignore that. But I hope you understand what I try to say. I think sometimes the world is too grey and needs a little colourful sprinkle. Just someone who is saying: sun, look, use this gab and make these grey clouds go away. And sometimes people need a little bit of help to let their sun shine through.

xxx Girl on rainbow


6 thoughts on “Grey clouds in the world

  1. Oh my gosh, this post is so beautiful. I feel like im one of those unhappy faces though, or at least thats how I look because I look so sad or serious. But I don’t try to. I just choose to be quite but it doesn’t mean I’m depressed. But my friends are so likable and they talk and have fun. I want to be quite and independent, doesn’t mean I’m always unhappy though. I don;t listen to music or do a lot of the things they do. I just don’t want to talk to much and i’m not that type of person who wants to be hugged ? Like I’m not a social outcast. I prefer listening so much more than talking 😛

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