Why do we have to make so many decisions?

Hey you (whoever is reading this)

The last days I had no idea what my next post could be about so this is finally just something that was on my mind today. I just began to write, so this reflects exactly what’s going on in my head. Until about an hour everything was ok. I was really happy. Yesterday was so funny and also it’s weekend so why not being happy. But there is a little conflict now with one of my best friends.

It’s like I don’t know exactly what to do. I just can’t understand her point. I have to decide between making her unhappy and doing what I actually want to do. She has planned her birthday for longer now and there are some problems with the datum and so on. I don’t want to tell you exactly what it is about because everything should stay anonymous. In fact it was a nearly perfect day and now I don’t know how to make it the best for everyone. I don’t want to hurt anyone but I think there’s no way of making the best for every single one. I hate those situation where you have to choose. When you can’t decide especially when nothing you can do will make both situations fine. So no one will be disappointed or sad or angry about you. Why are there those situations in life? Why can’t there be someone who knows the answer? Why do we have to make those situations on our own?

Another kind of making decisions also just happened to me. You know exactly how you want to decide and then someone else makes your decision. And exactly the other way round that you wanted to make. I was sure I wanted to say no and then there is another person who is saying yes of course. Why did you said no? In such moments I think: why can’t she just accept my no? Or if I was wrong although I was completely sure about my decisions few minutes ago. It also can be very helpful to get help, for example if I should take the green or the blue dress.

I think there are so many different decisions in life, good ones, bad ones, difficult ones, easy ones, some you want to do on your own and some not. Maybe they’re really hard sometimes and maybe they’re also sometimes wrong but life goes on. We can improve our mistakes, our wrong decisions. Friends are an important ingredient of this. I don’t know what to do without my friends. With whom to talk and with whom to laugh, to relax and to cry. I’m sure me and my friends will find a solution, always (probably we’ll have found one till I’ve finished this post).

For some reason this post sounds as if I’m completely unhappy but don’t think that!!! After finishing this above I’m feeling a lot better, don’t know, actually happy. I’m also thinking about doing a Q & A, so leave me comments whether I should do it and which questions. If you have other ideas also let me know. Every nice statement means so much to me 🙂

xxx Girl on rainbow


26 thoughts on “Why do we have to make so many decisions?

  1. I can relate to this sooo much. Don’t worry girl, your not alone in making these kinds of decisions. I think you should definitely do a Q n A :). My questions would be, if you got to be a fairytale animal (for example a unicorn :p), what would you be? Also, what’s your favorite flavor of donuts? 🙂

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  2. I love your blog post, and your blog of course! I understand what your going through completely, I have been in this situation many times, just let it cool and don’t pick sides then the problem will resolve soon. I’m so sorry, but I have know idea what to do to make you follow me by email 😦 But anyways yes do a Q&A, my question would be What do you want to be when your older? xoxo, -V

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  3. gaahh im the worst at making decisions. Can’t pick favorites, I overthink things, and I basically feel bad for inanimate objects. Not as much but still. Like seriously I can’t make decisions or choose anything XD Sometimes the most difficult decision is the right one. I know they say to go with your gut but it doesn’t really help. I guess you have to think about their reactions and the outcome of every decision when in tough moments like this. Do what you feel is right- if it hurts their feelings explain why it would be a better path than the other. If it’s a big decision though, maybe try staying neutral ad getting more information and opinions until it resolves. I mean your friends, I’m sure you guys will figure it out. Cause honestly things always seem worse then they are- for me at least XD

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  4. For your Q and A, here are some questions!: Btw if it is a favorites question you can pick multiple because personally I can’t choose favorites too much 😛
    Favorite flavors?
    Mythical creature: Would you rather be large strong but vulnerable and slow or small and fast but super super weak?
    If you could have superpowers which ones would you pick?
    Would you rather be hot and drink lemonade or something cool and refreshing or cold and snuggle with a blanket while drinking something hot?
    Pet peeves?
    Favorite activities/hobbies?
    Annnnnddd do you have any pets? If so, what type and if not what kind of animals/pets would you want?

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