Watching the sunset

Hey you, last week I was watching the sunset and me, my friend and my sister took some amazing photos I want to share with you. I love all the colours you can see there. But I think every sunset looks a little bit different. Therefore you can watch it again and again. So we were about 1.5 h outside and took a lot of photos. I’ll only share a few of them.

Snow flower

Ok, I know this isn’t the sunset but I still wanted to show you this picture. I’ve edited it with Corel paintshop pro x4 (program I used for all of the pictures I’d edited). For some reason I’m kind of proud of this picture even it isn’t that spectacular. I love flowers and they are looking so cute. Can’t wait for spring! Maybe I’m going to make one post only with photos of flowers 🙂 . It is also pretty sad if now winter will come again and the nature already thought it is becoming warmer so they will all freeze to death. Hopefully not!

Now there will be some similar pictures but I love how the things in the front are all turning black because of the light, which is coming from behind. Doesn’t it just look amazing? Sometimes I think I should more often go outside enjoy the beauty of the nature and should realize how incredible this all is!

sunsetsunset 2grass


This is one of my favourites my friend took. I had never thought the birds there would get so sharp. They looked so beautiful, free and like a big big family. Every time there is one lonely bird hanging behind the flock I hope it won’ get lost :D. Lost for ever alone without anybody it knows. But they can fly so they have this advantage in life.


For the last picture I took this one, my sister took. Everything gleans in the water. However she made it, I love it. It’s when the sunset is almost over, because there is hardly only the yellow colour left.

So there we go! I really hope you like this post (tell me in the comments, also if not), because it also was completely different to my other posts. Not a deeper talk about something,  rather what I did the day or just describing one daily occurrence. Hopefully it wasn’t too boring to read. I don’t know maybe I’m also a horrible photographer, I never shared pictures like that (except in the recipes). It would be so nice when you give me a feedback! Also this is the last post I’m uploading before the Q&A so if there are anymore questions just ask. Blog posts ideas are welcome too 😛 Love ya all.

xxx Girl on rainbow



20 thoughts on “Watching the sunset

  1. These pictures are so pretty! I love sunsets, they have something that always makes me think… I wish I was this good at taking pictures! I love that you took your time to be there and see everything, without any rush ^^ | Acqua xx

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