Just some thoughts

Hey guys,

I don’t know what this exactly should be end the end but I’m just trying to write a new not post for you, because I love blogging and chatting with you in the comments. Maybe if this gets nothing I will delete it in the end but maybe some of you will be happy I didn’t. Otherwise you would not be reading this. Haha…confused?

So I was thinking about whether it’s good that we remember all our memories also the bad ones… or if we should try to forget them. Probably I’m thinking about that because we read “The Giver” at school, maybe you know, and I can’t stop playing the piano song all the time. It’s so beautiful. But do you think it would be good to forget what we don’t like? Even when we can’t improve our mistakes then?

Actually my head is full of little pieces I just don’t know how to write about. Nothing special but all these things which life is expecting from us when we’re growing up, school and lots more. But at the moment these are not the things I want to write about, or know how to write about. They perhaps will be not interesting at all.

So thx for reading this short post, which was really random, haha sorry for that. If you want check out the song and comment below what you think about all that chaotic stuff I mentioned. Also if you have other post ideas or wishes for a category. I will also try to put more photos in my next posts!

xxx Girl on rainbow


23 thoughts on “Just some thoughts

  1. This was so interesting! I haven’t read the book, but I did write something about this in my blog, I don’t know if you read it… The things we’ve been through, both good and bad, have made us who we are today. So we remember because it’s important, and the bad ones are as crucial to our development as the good ones.

    Also, I did the Liebster tag! Thanks for the nomination! ^^

    onmywayacqua.blogspot.com | Acqua xx

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