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Hey you, this post is going to be about how to stay focused on homework, work, anything and being more productive. These are just the things which are helping me and maybe some of you too! Also it’s about one month since I started blogging and I reached  more than 30 follower (together with the email-follower more?!! )! Thank you all so so much it makes me so happy you can’t believe how much this means to me. I’ve never expected that and I love you all so much!!! And I really managed to make a post-picture! Yay! 😀 But let’s go on with the post:

  1. Where to learn

So I think it’s really important to choose the right place to learn. It should be somewhere you’re not disturbed by members of your family, or many things you can see. For example on your desk there should only be the things you need and not for example a book, you’re reading at the moment and you’re thinking about if it wouldn’t be nice reading it instead of doing the things you should do. So there should be good light, enough space and only the things you really need. If you are a person who is often hungry take a little snack with you and also don’t forget to put a bottle of water or a cup of tea beside you. I personally like drinking some water with lemon, but you can choose whatever you like.

  1. Plan your tasks

Therefore I’m using a planner. I just write all my appointments in it and also the things I have to do at each day. This way you can plan your time better and see where you have time for friends, and other activities. And you don’t forget the birthdays of all the people you may don’t want to forget!

  1. Apps

So for the last point I want to introduce 2 apps to you which really helped me and maybe also you. They are both for free and really good!

fabolous motivate me “Fabulous-motivate me!”

In this app you can choose between four different goals. One of them being more productive. It helps you step by step each day, reminds you and improves your habits. I would really recommend it to you, just give it a try 🙂 You can also use it for the other goals: feeling more energized, sleeping better and losing weight/ eating healthier.

forest app.png “Forest”

This one isn’t that special as the other one but it simply helps you not being that distracted by your phone. You’re planting a tree every time you want to stay focused and when you leave the app it’ll die. Of course you still need a bit discipline but for me it is a big help. I like this more than just switching into the flight-mode.


So I really hope you found this a bit helpful. Tell me what other tips you have and also what you think about the apps. Sorry for not uploading longer now but I have a lot to do at the moment. Thanks so much for reading ❤

xxx Girl on rainbow








15 thoughts on “Staying focused

  1. I really need help with this hahaha As someone who is quickly bored about some things, it helps doing two things at the same time, actually, like listening to music. If I don’t, I will find anything distracting, but if I do, my mind is strangely more focused hahaha But I know most people don’t find this helpful! It does help me though… I think I’m weird hahaha But it’s okay, I think everybody has their own way of studying, and so far I’ve gotten good marks, so it’s fine! | Acqua xx

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  2. YAS THANK YOU I so needed this. I am such a big procrastinator.. you don’t even know… I also find it helps to switch between tasks on the computer & tasks on paper so you don’t feel like you’re staring at the same thing for a long time. 🙂

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    1. Ouh thank you so much!! If you have a wordpress account I think there must be at the bottom somewhere something 🙂 If not you can enter you email on the right side!
      Do you also have a blog? thank that made my day!! <33


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