Small me in the big world

Hey guys, whoever is reading this

I’m so sorry for not posting this long time but I had a lot to do at school and I also had not the right ideas what to blog about. So I just read a post by misstery blog and it really inspired me. I thought about that we’re are only such a small part in the world and I’m sometimes asking myself whether we, so small, can achieve something bigger in the world.

I mean how could we? For example I, just a normal girl, how should I help the poor or the environment? Ok there are small actions you can do but I’m taking about something different. Like showing the people in the world that they are wrong with being racists and discriminating humans because of their religion, skin colour or sexuality. Why isn’t there an opportunity to show those people another way of thinking?

Do you sometimes feel this way? Like you can’t reach even your own goals, then how achieve something bigger, with a bigger meaning. There is so much bad happening in the world and I’m often asking why. I know there are many many people knowing what’s right and not and also people who are thinking the other way round… 😦 I suppose one person alone can’t change that, but there obviously is not only one person!

But I’m not a politic thinking person, I’m more just believing in the good of the most humans. If people who are killing others and hurting would have grown up elsewhere I’m sure they also would think different. But then it must have started somewhere with this way of thinking and that’s a point I don’t understand anymore. Like how could that happen? I hope you get what I mean.

And then I’m so happy living somewhere, where doesn’t happen really bad things. Cause when I look around in my neighbourhood there aren’t that problems. But I’m asking if other people are thinking about that or if they don’t matter what will happen in the future and if they would have been able to prevent it.

So that’s all I have to say at the moment, (for some reason I’m proud for writing this text after posting nothing for such a long time) hope you understood what I tried to say. It was just what was in my head. I hope I will be able to blog at least once a week… sry if not. Thanks for commenting it always makes me happy to read your nice kind words ❤

xxx Girl on rainbow


11 thoughts on “Small me in the big world

  1. You just summarized all of my thoughts. I am literally the same… 😦 This is such a good post! So well written ❤ I'm not politic but I think… I'm not an internet troll who tries to make people feel bad. I don't discriminate. I believe in more good, same with you. I kinda know what is the good thing to do but a little person like me can't help… I wish it could though

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  2. This used to worry me, and it still does some times, but I’ve learned to work with small things and try to be relevant in what I can, and I hope this changes will keep spreading. I try to be the trigger, but you never know hahaha That’s why I work with children, that’s why I love it so much. They are the future, so in a way that’s what I’m changing… still, I don’t think I’m that important, but what I do makes me happy and makes a little difference, so that’s more than enough 🙂 | Acqua xx

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  3. I feel like this a lot, I am the type of person that will feel sad and sorry for other people even thought it doesn’t really affect me personally. Ugh that was so confusing, but we just have to do what we can do!

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  4. This is so lovely! Though, check out my blog! I have made a new one, make sure you comment and follow 😀

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