The Happiness Tag


Hey you people on the Internet 🙂 Today I’ll be doing the happiness tag and I love the idea of it so much. A bit more happiness in the world is never a bad thing and I hope it’ll bring at least a smile to you too! Maybe you just like one of the songs but just go on. A big big thank you and hug to Dew for nominating me <33


List 5 things that make you happy
List 5 songs that make you happy
Nominate 5 people to do this tag
If possible please smile while doing the tag too 🙂

Things that make me happy:

  • My friends. They actually always make me smile even if I don’t want them to.
  • Zumba. I’m making this sport since september and it is just so much fun to make.
  • Dark chocolate. Isn’t it just awesome?!
  • Going for a walk with the dog
  • Giving (and getting) presents. I love the Feeling when someone is so happy because of you, and so this is actually a thing which could make even two people happy at the same time!!!

Songs that make me happy:

  • A sky full of stars- Coldplay
  • I wouldn’t Change you- Kelvin Jones
  • Down south- Radical Something
  • Something that I want- Grace Potter (from the movie tangled)
  • Opposite- Biffy Clyro

I’m sorry I’m only allowed to nominate 5 people I wish I could nominate everyone to show them all the happiness 😛 But well, here we go:


Blogging Jess


Local Wander Girl


Thank you very much for reading! Hopefully you enjoyed. I think we should try to find the happiness in our everyday life and see the small wonderful things and give them a chance to be something bigger. Do you like reading awards and tags? And do you know other songs that make you happy? I would love to read your comments! Hope to see you soon<3

xxx Girl on rainbow





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