Quote of the week #1

Hey guys, I know I’ve been so inactive on this blog for such a Long time and to be honest I can’t promise that this will work but I’ll try to at least give it a try. I’ll be trying to post a Quote of the week every week, each single on. I’m trying this for different reasons. First: I want to stay updated here because I miss reading comments and staying in contact to all of you. Second: I think the QOTW is a good way to post regularly, even if it’s the only post in the week (just for try). And third: I hope, and I’m quite sure, I will find a nice quote easily and there is almost every time a thought I can tell you with it. Just starting simple 😛 Hopefully there is anybody left of you reading this 🙂 Also thanks Acqua, she’s doing this for a Long time now and I hope you’re not angry about me if I try this too (check out her blog, she’s amazing). So let’s start with the first week!!!

Believe in your dreams

“Believe in your dreams”

I’m often dreaming, since ever, I guess. It’s one of the best things about life. You can imagine everything, be everything what you like, do what you want and make your own rules for life. But often it’s the hard truth that you’re just dreaming and have to get back to real life. This quotes Shows that dreaming is for a reason. It’s to motivate you to reach your Goals. A few days ago I watched “how I met your mother” and (yes there is a deeper context) there was one Thing which made me thinking: If you have a dream, an aim in your life, you should make every single decision in your life to reach that aim, to make this dream come true. Actually it’s so simple and however it makes sense in some way. But sometimes you’re at this Point where you know a special dream won’t come true, that’s almost happens to me yesterday, you start crying and just can’t find an answer for it. There are famous People who you think get everything they want, and this little wish can’t come true? It’s disappointing but maybe then it’s just time for another dream, a new one. I know, it’s not at all how I wish it would be, but what else advice could I give? Finally: Believe in your dreams…or at least try it, that’s what I’m doing. Try it by yourself or with you friends. It often takes time but trying is all you can do and I think it’s the best way to come your dreams closer.

Hope you have a fantastic week, don’t give up

xxx Girl on rainbow


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