Quote of the week #2

Hey guys, I hope you’re all fine!!! As I said in my last post this week there will be a QOTW#2, and so here it is! I hope you enjoy.

“Take a Chance because you’ll never know how absolutely perfect something could turn out to be.”

This is something I often Forget when I have to make a decision or get the possibility to try something new. When I think of the best experiences in my life it often were some of the unexpected sQOTW #2pontaneous, which turned in to lovely memories. The Special ones, the exciting ones, are the ones I’ll never forget because it was different to the things I normally did. At the Moment I think of one Action at elementary School (stupid but funny), where my friend and me climbed over a separated fence higher than we were to get back a stick, which looked like a cudgel. Now I don’t even know why it was so important, but when I was on the other side of the fence I first hardly came back over it. This was one of the most exciting things I did in elementary School, and one of the less things I can exactly remember. (Only a short story from my life).

But one thing the quote tells me is that we shouldn’t be afraid of trying new things or things we normally would never even think about to try. Don’t always walk the same way, walk a new one. I will also try, for example when I’m walking with the dog, to go somewhere I never was before. I mean I know a lot about my neighbourhood and the roads in my city but I can be sure that I did not know all the little corners. Maybe there are some beautiful unexperienced places. The perfect picnic meadow or a place to forget about stuff you don’t want to remember all the time. Your personal happy place maybe. In whatever situation you are at the moment, may you try this week to do at least on new thing and to take a new chance. Whether it’s at work, school, with your friends or just personally for you. Everybody has worries about risks and probably this is normal.

So let me know if you’re trying something new and also what you think about part two 🙂 thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed (I know it wasn’t that long).

xxx Girl on rainbow


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