Little Update about my life

Hey guys, this will only be a short post but I have a few questions for you. Also I never did this Kind of post. It’s just something what’s going on in my life and yeah.

As I said in my last post I want to try more new things and not being afraid of the unknown…so tomorrow I will visit a ballet Dance class. It’s a free lesson, just for having a look on it. I always did like dancing but I’m not sure if ballet is the right Thing for me. I will see tomorrow. I’m wondering about whether you’re only dancing on classic Music or also modern. And if others in my Age who may have been dancing for years will think I’m weird. Do some of you guys Dance? And also what do you think about this whole new Dance-Thing? As you may noticed I changed the theme of my blog, although I really liked the adelle theme, but I thought I want a Little (new) Change. May be I will cancel it again, but who knows!

Also all of my bestΒ friends won’t be at School from Wednesday till Friday (coming back Friday afternoon) because their choir course makes a trip. Don’t know how to survive this week :P.

And OMG I almost forgot to mention! I reached more than 50 followers!! Thanks to every single one of you! πŸ™‚ I’m so happy that I started this blog, I’m only making more and more great friends and experiences! Hope you enjoyed reading.

xxx Girl on rainbow


28 thoughts on “Little Update about my life

  1. I’m back from our choir trip!! And I’m finally managing to write a comment on your blog πŸ˜‰ hahah…
    Glad you tried something different by yourself. I’m sure it was a good idea to go. Although I really want to try ballet out now as well! I hope you got through the week without any connection to me/us :p Love ya ❀

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