Quote of the week #3

Hey you, lovely Readers! So I think I’m getting back to Blogging really well and it’s making me really happy that I managed to stay with my goal to post at least once a week! We’ve already reached week 3! Incredible how fast time goes by.

“Make today so awesome yesterday gets jealous”

I wanted to pick a really positive Quote for this week because while writing this I’m just in a really happy great-day-mood! With this Thing in mind you will have the best attitude for every single new day! Maybe I should make note with it and pin it over my bed, so I will be reminded in the evening and morning 😛 Do not go to bed while thinking “ouh no this whole day was terrible I have no Motivation for tomorrow at all!” instead “well this wasn’t one of my best days but tomorrow can be better. I will start new!”

The main Thing it says is you shouldn’t matter so much about the past about what happened today, rather make tomorrow a great day. You can only change the things which will happen not the things which are already in the past. One step you can do: think about one Thing with which you weren’t Content… Have it?…Good! And now think how you can make this Thing, could be only a small one, better, good, perfect! I for example just want to drink more water tomorrow and if I can finish my homework earlier. Don’t expect too much from yourself, maybe till tomorrow you’ll only make it halfway better, fine as well!

This  Quote is making basically such a good atmosphere, new chances for every day. Don’t be upset about a disappointing day, and it’s not the end, it’s just the beginning of a new one. Yeah… So just don’t stop, don’t give up and trust yourself!

That’s it! I know this wasn’t that long (sorry) but I think it’s enough for this quote! I’m very grateful for likes and comments:) Also I will be soon doing a new update (only if you want, hopefully the last post wasn’t too boring, comment also below)!

xxx Girl on rainbow





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