Update #2

Hey guys, so I promised you to update soon, so here we go. I was really surprised to get o many comments on my last update! Thank you all for reading and commenting! I’m not quite sure if you like reading this more personal stuff here, if not, sorry, then this is the wrong post for you to read 😛

So on Tuesday evening I went to the ballet class, really excited and nervous. I thought about what others will think about me, because of my Age and also I hoped to meet nobody I know. Couldn’t imagine how embarrassing it had to be to meet someone I know, who is already dancing since he was a small child. The teacher was really nice and beside me there were only six others. Of course one of them was in my class at School. It first made me really insecure but in the end it was ok. It made fun, although I sometimes had the Feeling I would look really weird while dancing. And I did not know ballet is so arduous! I’m hesitating if it’s the right, I mean it made a lot of fun but when it will keep looking weird I’ll always feel a Little unconfident. Let’s see how I’ll go on…probably it will be too expensive anyway.

The rest of the week wasn’t as bad as I had expected. I did a lot with people of my class I normally do hardly anything. And we almost only watched movies in School because we were so less pupils! We came three days to School for absolutely nothing! Well, now they’re all back and tomorrow school will go on normally. On Thursday I have a biology presentation, which I’ll try to finish after this post! (Actually I should work on it now instead writing this)

Overall I actually really enjoyed this week, surprisingly! I did many things for myself without conforming to everybody else. I tried ballet, got two more earholes and uploaded more posts than before! I think I’m allowed to be a little proud on myself…:) How was your week? I hope you’re all fine! Thanks for reading, I would love to read and answer your comments! ❤

xxx Girl on rainbow


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