Quote of the week #5

Hey guys, I know this quote should’ve been up last week and I’m really sorry for not uploading, but there just happened  lot of things… but yeah just go on with the quote right?

“Better to be the one who smiled than the one who didn’t smile back.”

Once I wrote a post where I mentioned what a great Feeling I get when I smile at People, they’re smiling back at me, and it makes me happy because I know they’re smiling because I smiled. When I smile at People and they don’t smile back I’m mostly just a little disappointed because, whoever knows the reason for it. Is it me, or is it just something which was wrong with them the whole day?

When I smile at People I know personally and they don’t repay any Emotion, any sign they’re recognizing me, it makes me really sad. I’m wondering about if they hate me, if they think I’m just weirdly grinning, or if they ignore me completely. Nothing positive at all. They don’t like me, probably I’ve done something wrong. I could spent very Long time thinking about little things like that, which maybe wouldn’t matter for a lot of People.

So when I read this quote, it gives me something positive to all this seriously, deeply, thoughtful thinking. I mean he was the one who didn’t smiled back, he did not try to pay any Attention on me. At least I tried anything! That Kind of Situation makes me sad anyway but the quote shows me another point of viewing on it. It wasn’t a mistake of mine. I actually did nothing wrong.

I think the quote wants to say that you don’t have to feel bad for failed attempts. You were the one who tried! Overall it just gives me that small positive vibe over all that firstly negative one.

I hope you’re all fine, thanks for everybody who’s following me, it really means so much! Love you all; I’m grateful for comments, likes or follows 😛

xxx Girl on rainbow



4 thoughts on “Quote of the week #5

  1. I understand what you mean. but I hate smiling. I just don’t like it. I don’t like socializing especially with random people. I don’t want to fake smile or fake laugh. I know it’s wrong on my part but I do acknowledge them. I just don’t like smiling… it’s kind of creepy or awkward idk. sorry. it depends really. but after not having any friends last year (don’t say for that reason, because i didn’t have any i slowly changed. I was fine before). so yeah I guess thats just my experience. but I do agree with you i guess.

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    1. I know what you mean, I also do not fake smile, because I’m just not in the modd then. I think it completely depends on your Person:) Don’t be sorry I know that you don’t mean ´this in a bad way! ❤


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