Favourites June

Hey guys, here are my absolute favourites of June. not only Music, also Food, activities and the best of what new happened in June.

First the Music favourites, I think they’re the most (…so I won’t list them all). I’m listening to Music I’m just loving forever but also finding new Songs. So These are the ones I mostly listened in June or explores new (I linked the most!):


  • I absolutely love that the season of BBQ has begun, it’s one of the best things you can eat in summer
  • Muesli: for some reason I ate so much muesli this month. almost every day before School for breakfast and also as afternoon Snack. chocolate muesli and crunchy muesli, with milk, yoghurt, raspberries and a lot more 😛

Some activities I did June and also did for the first time:

  • playing guitar: My sister has an e-guitar but she doesn’t anymore use it that often. I tried to learn playing chords because I think it’ just so cool to Play pat of almost every song and can sing along too! I’ll try to get better this summer! I’ll see how far I’ll come)
  • Ballet: as you know from my “Update” Posts I tried doing ballet not Long ago and I finally registered me 🙂 I’m so glad I tried!
  • doing a lot with my friends: I really was able to hang around a lot with my friends this month. School’s nearly over (only 3 weeks to go!!) I also spent some time with newer friends or friends I Kind of “paused” really Long.


One Weekend there was on Friday evening a midsummer fire. It’s organized by my old elementary School and I went there with some friends. we didn’t stay too Long because it was really hot (already without the fire) and I got so many bites that I was permanent clapping my legs. I slept by one of my friends, because we wanted to bake a cake in the morning for another friend’s birthday Party on Saturday evening. It’s one of my best friends so we wanted to make a more special cake than ever before. I searched the day before on Pinterest for ideas and we decided to make a piñata- rainbow- checked- cake. we started baking the four cake bases after the fire. We started ca at 1am and finished the forth at 3:15 am. when we had finished the second one we realised that we hadn’t bought enough eggs sot we went in pyjama to our flat and “stole” a whole box of eggs! In this Moment it was so funny and really really weird! 😛 The birthday Party the same day was also really cool. The band of our friends played and it was a lot to eat there!

Of course here’s a picture from the cake, it isn’t that good quality but it is just taken with a smartphone (sry for self-praise but we were so proud):

These were my favourites of June (I know on the 8th of July). I hope you enjoyed reading, what were your favourites or Highlight? I would love to hear in the comments!

xxx Girl on rainbow



13 thoughts on “Favourites June

  1. The cake looks amazing! I’ve been loving Shawn Mendes songs too- I cant stop listening to them haha! Love your blog lovely, you’ve just got a new follower hehe! xx

    Liked by 1 person

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