Quote of the week #6


“At the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair should be messy an your eyes sparkling.”

Should be dirty, should be messy, doesn’t mean are. It’s just want to be. The only things that should count are those, we will remember forever and those, which make our minds happy.

In summer I hope I’ll have a lot of These days. At the end of the day I want to have this Feeling it was a great day, I did not waste one of my summer days, I did something Special or I did something I loved to do. I want to feel life, the sun, the ground, the good, the wind, luck, happiness and a lot more.

I think people care too much on their appearance and don’t see the inner side of people. The most important thing about a person! You shouldn’t care about your feet your hair, whether your clothes get dirty or your nails a ruined :P, live life the best way you can!

Every new day you can choose parts of what it will be (I know there’s school or work to do), what’s one goal you want to reach. Life gives so many opportunities and I don’t want to be sad when I’m older, thinking that I’ve done so much, that I missed so much. I’m already have situations where I can’t change anymore what I did.

I really hope this quote will describe me some days in summer. Thanks so much for reading and a special thank you to my new followers! I reached 70 todays!! Incredible. I hope you enjoyed this post.

xxx Girl on rainbow



9 thoughts on “Quote of the week #6

  1. Congrats on reaching 70 followers! And this is a great quote which we should all remember 🙂 getting messy is fun! It means you’ve adventured! I hope you’re Summer is all you wish it to be and more! 🌞

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