Quote of the week #8


“The reason why we can’t let go of someone is because deep inside we have hope”

We connect people with memories. We get lost in the memories and we don’t realize it’s gone. We don’t see the person changed, we don’t want it to change, because then our memory will just be an imagination, something which will never come back. We don’t accept people changing. We hold on to them because we have hope. We’re hoping they’re still the same person. Somewhere in this human it is still the same we laughed with, we cried because and we loved.

And then I’m wondering whether people can change that much. Can they change so I can’t see the person who was my friend? I mean someday there was a connection between us for sure and now it should have been gone forever?  It’s too hard to believe for me. Do you believe this is even possible?

We have hope the person is still inside there, somewhere. Or we have hope that the person will return, someday. And so we never let go of these people. We want to accept the lost but you can’t tell your heart what it has to do, so the heart keeps holding on and waits for someone coming back, for someone letting shine through a bit of the old person you knew, you had memories with.

We live in the past, we get stuck in the memories and we don’t move on in life, although we want to and we know we have to. So when will we ever be able to let go? When will our heart accept, although our brain already does?

Thank you so much for reading, I really hope you enjoyed. Tell me if you have any answers to the questions and also whether you were able to connect with my thoughts! ❤

xxx Girl on rainbow


7 thoughts on “Quote of the week #8

  1. I can completely agree! I really dislike it when you still have hope for this one person who in the end doesn’t change whatsoever. but it is still nice to have that hope to hang onto! so happy I could relate ❤ 🙂

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  2. I actually wrote a similar post to this one, I’m pretty sure you commented on it! I have an answer to whether people can change so much we don’t recognise them, and the answer is yes. Or maybe we can recognise a face, a smile, a gesture, but their morals and actions have changed so much the person we knew and loved doesn’t exist anymore. And accepting that is hard and sad, but I swear… it gives you so much peace. I was deeply in love with my best friend when I was 16, and when he got a girlfriend my world fell down. He stopped talking to me and then, after some months, I realised my friend would have NEVER done that. I heard so many things I couldn’t believe about him. He kind of came back to me but treated me so badly I didn’t want anything to do with that person. That’s when I accepted it. Yes, I was still in love with my friend, but that person wasn’t him. And when you let go you feel so free.

    onmywayacqua.blogspot.com | Acqua xx

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