Quote of the week #9

“It’s the little things in life”

That count? That are good? That make you happy? That make you sad? That you have to find? That are invisible? That should be most important? That make the big ones Special? That we don’t recognize? That we Forget? That stay in our memories forever?

I don’t know what the Person who wrote this Quote wanted exactly to say through it but for me there are numberless possibilities:

  • If they Count, we should appreciate them more.
  • If they are good, we don’t Need big or expensive things to find luck.
  • If they make you happy, it isn’t as hard as you think to feel < Little happiness.
  • If they make you sad, you have a reason for some suddenly tears.
  • If you have to find them, it may seem more difficult than it is.
  • If they are invisible, you may dream too big. (if this is ever possible)
  • If they should be most important,
  • If they make the big ones Special, we have to realize those are made of all the small ones together.
  • If we don’t recognize them, we are still waiting for luck without success.
  • If we Forget them, they don’t mean anything to us.
  • But if they stay in our memories forever, they have made our live better.

Thank you so much for reading, I know that this post was a bit different to the other Quote-Posts I already did, but I hope you still enjoyed (tell me in the comments). And also comment down below one Little Thing which does something for you:) thx ❤

xxx Girl on rainbow


11 thoughts on “Quote of the week #9

  1. I really liked this writing format!! and one little thing that does something for me is when my dad says “I love you” because he doesn’t say it quite often as other dads do, so it just gives me a lot of happiness for something so little 🙂

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