Quote of the week #10

“Collect moments not things”

We look too often only on Displays, through a camera, trying to hold on so special moments. But only in photos or Videos. Too often we don’t live in the moment. It would not be that difficult to make a Memory in our head, well it may be faster gone than a digital photo, but it does mean more. At least to me! I want to try to live more in the present. Can you collect Feelings? The warm of the sun? How the light sparkles? How someone gave you a smile? Such smiles and other gestures can’t be hold forever by a photo, but you will miss them when you don’t experience them in life, In the now.

I’m wondering about how many of those things, more moments, I’ve already missed. Were there any ones which would have changed my life now? I can’t say it and I can’t change it anyway now. This summer I want to try to collect both. As many as I can, more moments than things, but both. Especially photos, which help me to remind the moments. I want it to be beautiful, Special and happy moments. I want to collect photos from happy places and put them all over my room. I don’t want to miss the Beauty of life, moments, People!

Thank you so much for reading I’m finally back from my summer camp and it was amazing! I still have 4 weeks of Holidays left and I will try to blog as often as I can 🙂

xxx Girl on rainbow


9 thoughts on “Quote of the week #10

  1. this has got to be my favorite quote post of yours so far because I feel like you should live in the moment, but at the same time, I still take pictures or walk around with my phone. I’m going to try to live in the moment as well! thank you for such a good post 🙂

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