Quote of the week #11 and HUGE Thank you

Hey guys, so yesterday I really reached 100 Followers on this blog here. And first of all I want to thank you all for this, whether you joined my blog at the beginning or a couple of days ago. You’re the reason for this, because without your lovely comments and likes, I probably never would have had the Motivation to write all These Posts for you! This post is a big thank you to every single one of you and the Quote of the week (a bit different) at the same time, hope you enjoy.

“You are in 100% control of YOU.

Your decisions in each and ecery Moment determine the Quality of life that you live.

Be positive.”

I thought about what this means now for me. I reached a Milestone. I’m proud of myself, but in the end it is only a number. May for some People means a number more for others less, that do you choose on your own.

So I realized that actually we all choose on our own what we want to e i important in our life. I have the choice to make things important for me, which make me happy and which I love. And I can also make things less important to me, for example Money, stats or anything else. Well of course our subconscious will choose some of those and we can’t control this. But we have an immensity of possibilities, we may not notice.

Overall I think this changes not that much for me, I will go on with posting as before I think, but it makes me just happy, because 100 seems a lot to me!!! I want to do a 100 Follower Q&A, I have some questions left from Awards I already did, and I only once did one. So feel free to write as many questions as you want in the comments! I will upload it when I’ve found enough questions :P.

Thank you so much for reading. ❤

xxx Girl on rainbow



27 thoughts on “Quote of the week #11 and HUGE Thank you

  1. 4. Favourite season?
    5. Favourite smell?
    6. Favourite ice cream flavour?
    7. Favourite TV show?
    8. Would you want ur life partner good looking or with good personality?

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  2. yay!!! I’m super super super happy for you :)))
    1. favorite color?
    2. favorite food?
    3. who is your hero?
    4. who is your “celebrity crush”?
    5. did you ever plan to stop blogging but then continued?
    6. how do you feel about 100 subscribers??

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  3. 1) If you can become an animal, what animal do you want to be?
    2) If you have a chance to choose your life as a nomad or a civilized life, what would it be?
    3) If you get to choose your college what would it be?
    Hey there GirlOnRainbow, I am new here and I just followed your blog because your blog is cool and younsre such a wonderful person. Hope you have some time to look at my blog nerdywritinggirl.wordpress.com
    Btw my name is Violet Grace but you can call me nerdywritinggirl

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