Back #Update 4

Hey guys, hopefully there’s some of you left here. I know I’ve been offline quite a long time (3 weeks? Or something) and I want to tell you a lot what happened, what I did and what’s going on in my life at the moment. Sorry for missing QOTWs ad more. I hope I can read all of your posts soon too!! So if you expect me now to talk about a serious thing happened, a new project I planned or any other big news I will tell you, I’m sorry that I have to disappoint you. It’s some ordinary stuff, but it has to be said. I often wanted to hear your opinions on some topics but I have to admit I was just too lazy to write it all down. So as I said there is pretty much to tell (I think 3 different blocks) I will split this in more than one post to not overwhelm you with information 🙂 And of course the Q&A will be posted when I’ve found enough time!

So two weeks ago (my last week of holidays) I was on a summer camp (it’s not camping but I don’t know how to call it) as an adviser. It was from Friday till Friday and there were children form the age of 7-13. I never expected it to become that cool, but it was just amazing. Definitely one of the two best summer weeks this year! I completely fell in love with the children and in the end it was so sad to come back home again. There you just have the best feelings at all! You can be 100% the person you are, you can do so many things you just want to, no one tells you what to do (we were actually the ones who told the children what to do!), you don’t have any habits with school or also other things like answering a message. It’s just the coolest thing ever to know some kids like you and it makes you so incredibly happy, yeah. We planned all of the games, and they were pretty awesome 😉 We lived in little hoods ten persons per hood and overall we were almost 40 people. Not that much but enough to have a great time. We did a lot outside and one night we went to an old cave and the wood (without the children, they were already sleeping) it was kind of spooky but I lie these kinds of adventures, things you normally wouldn’t do! Well I guess that’s it for now. Next time I will tell you what I did after the recreation!

I really hope you enjoyed reading, thank you so much for coming here again or new! ❤

xxx Girl on rainbow


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