Thoughts after a long time

Hey guys,

I know it has been a while since I posted something but school is a lot to do and we are moving already (I don’t know how long it will take exactly, maybe two weeks still?), and I guess I won’t be able to make the posts I promised (at least not all of them) but I just miss blogging and contact to all of you so here’s post without context no long explanations.

Today was one of those days, it felt like almost everything went wrong. At school I had gymnastics and right now we’re learning, well most of the others already can, to do a handstand and then roll down. And I fell only once while trying but I was just scared this short moment and I almost started crying although I really really tried not to! In sport class there is none of my friends only others and I think now they think I’m really weird or I cry so easily something like that, although they act pretty nice it’s just a feeling. Also I’m sure the reason for almost crying wasn’t only that I was scared but I can’t really explain.

Probably every one of you knows what I’m talking about. This stupid sadness without a real reason. Now in the evening I had it again and I thought about smaller possibly reasons. Of course I was able to think of some but actually I think those were just things which came into my mind while thinking about sadness and thins I more often sad about. And all this together makes you just sadder and earlier it just all swapped over and without knowing why and why now and why overall this mood I shortly just let it take over.

So I know this is quite a, well, sad post but I just wanted to toll someone and I’m glad I found the time to choose you guys (after looong time). Thank you so much for reading ❤

xxx Girl on rainbow



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