Moving is strange- Update #5

Hey guys

So last week I had autumn holidays for one week and me and my family finally moved in our new house. It takes about 10 minutes from our old flat by bike and it is in a really really small village. Overall I pretty like it but, yeah it’s just strange.

Moving overall is strange. You just take all your stuff and search for another building you like and then you call this your new home. And you have to pay a lot of money for it. I lived in this flat for 16 years, my whole life (except 3 months) and it’s just a strange, unknown feeling to know this isn’t my home anymore. I almost got out the wrong bus station today:P To know there will be another family living in there soon, makes me also a bit sad. I’m afraid to lose a lot of memories, I’ve made and to forget how everything has looked like.

For the new neighbours I am the new one and that also feel kind of different. I can’t walk a street and know all the people (at least from seeing), which are living in the houses. Nobody here will notice immediately that I do live here now, I’m not just a visitor.

Some of my friends already visited me, but for example one of my best friends (she only lived 2 minutes by foot away) said that she will not visit me at first because she don’t can handle this so fast. I mean what? What should I say then? It’s nothing I’m still angry about but I just wanted to mention it.

Did any of you ever moved?

Thank you for reading ❤

xxx Girl on rainbow


10 thoughts on “Moving is strange- Update #5

  1. I knoe EXACTLY how you feel! Moving to a different house is so surreal, you don’t know anyone in the neighbourhood and it isn’t like your old house at all! I suggest you try to take in everything, for example notice the good things about moving. New experiences, new memories to make! I’m sure you will love it xxx

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  2. Hiya! I know how you feel. Three years ago I moved from the house I spent my whole life (20 years!) and it was so weird, emotional. It was pretty far from the neighbourhood I used to live in, and that meant that everything will be new. It’s a weird feeling, but seeing the bright side, you’ll never forget your old house and every memory in it. And also, new house, new memories! Try to see it as a good thing, it’s the best thing you can do (Also, what’s wrong with your friend? That comment is sooo weird!)
    Hope you start enjoying your new home soon, and remember that a house is just material, home is where you feel better, where the heart is 🙂 (soo cliché but, it’s true!)
    Anyways, if you ever want to talk about it, I’m here 🙂 xx

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