Love Yourself


A week ago I listened to Justin Biebers „Love Yourself “. I just sat in my room and did some work for school while listening to music. I guess most of you know the song. I spend a lot attention to the lyrics and the line “you should go and love yourself” made me think a lot.

When you don’t love yourself, how can anyone else love you? Is this what was tried to be said? And if you don’t love yourself, d you then care about nothing anymore? Cause when you do that, there are no wishes, no dreams in life. Why should you laugh and cry? Are there no more emotions? It was pretty hard to imagine for me. But how would a life look like if you would do nothing for yourself, nothing good for yourself? I wouldn’t try to decorate my room and to eat tasty lunch. I wouldn’t want that new book or I wouldn’t listen to music I like, just because I’m not worth it.

So I want all of you to remember, that self -love is nothing you should feel egoistic or bad for. It’s necessary for your life, for almost your whole personality. And you are worth. It’s good to care about yourself, it will help you in life.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, thank you all 🙂

xxx Girl on rainbow

Ps: We now have no internet for more than 3 weeks so I thought I will begin writing posts and just post them when I can (well I know, that’s no special idea :P). –> finally got a hot spot 😀



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