Last post in 2016

This night the new year, 2017, will start. Every year I think this is quite a special day and I get many questions I wonder whether it is important to me, that the new year begins.

Is it important that there are different numbers on the calendar? Do they mean anything bigger? Actually not. Tomorrow will be normal day as always for me, it won’t feel different or anything but it will still be…. Different. A lot of people expect something from the new year. To be better, brighter, more joyful. They set their selves goal they didn’t reach the past year, things they want to change in their lives.

I’m a person who does not only think about the things in the future, I kind of reflect about the past year. Not in a big way. I just try to remember one thing, which was my highlight of the year. And to be honest, it’s really hard to find any. Not because there wasn’t one, I’m sure there were many, more than twenty probably.

I remember

  • last New Year’s Day
  • winter
  • Carnival
  • Spring
  • Easter
  • Summer
  • Halloween
  • Autumn
  • Christmas

But these are all things that weren’t really special to me. They are just every year again again and again. The one I would love to remember better are ones like these:

  • Started a blog
  • Baking a cake with my friend
  • Walking with the dog
  • An extreme funny situation at school
  • Painting my room
  • A concert of my favourite band

The ones I felt the most luck the most happiness.


For me personally this year brought so big changes as never before. I moved the first time in my life with my whole family in a new house. This was about two months ago, and t’s hard to imagine one year ago, I would never ever had thought about this. I was sure I would stay in the apartment we were and more years ago, me and my friend (=neighbour) were sure we would live together in the same house till one of us would move out. And our friendship would be that strong forever.

I’m excite3d for 2017. 2016 taught me that you actually can never know where you will be, what has happened in one year. My sister could had moved out or anything else. But one thing I know for sure, I can be excited for 2017 but in a positive way. I have great friends and every year with them is the best. They won’t leave for sure (at least while we’re going to school) and that’s why I’m convinced 2017 will bring a lot of good new memories with it.

I wish you all the best for the new year and a great night!!! I don’t know how you celebrate New Year (tell me in the comments) but I will be at my friend’s house later with others and probably it will get very funny. Some games food and great people, hopefully music too 😉

Thank you for reading and 2016

see you next year

xxx Girl on rainbow


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