School stresses me out- Update #6

Hey guys,

sorry for being so inactive nowadays but school is really stressing me out! This week I have my two big last exams for this semester, one tomorrow (Latin) and the other on Friday (music practical). Right now, I’m doing a quick break and I just really need to do something what has nothing to do with school!

The new year started pretty good for me so far. I got some good results in maths for example but I already wrote to other exams which I’m afraid about to get back. Well.

I joined playing more often the guitar the last weeks, although I should practice more on my piano skills for the test on Friday. I guess I’m thinking too much about school and grades and being good and that stuff.

My mum and one of my friends told me that your personality is more important and they are just grades and doesn’t make you to the person you are. I think actually they’re right but our society is so concentrated on performances and sometimes it seems like they are the only things that count. At least for your future and OMG why can’t you just be the person who you are and be rated for this. Example your engagement.

How you’re doing at the moment? Any recipes against such stress? Or break activities? 😛 Thank you for reading. ❤

xxx Girl on rainbow


10 thoughts on “School stresses me out- Update #6

  1. I agree with your Mum and that friend but for another reason. You can head down the path you think you want to do now but then something changes and you’ve got these grades etc but it has nothing to do with your passion. I did my music degree with every intention of becoming a music teacher. What do I do now? I work on an ambulance! You never know where life will take you so by all means have a focus but don’t be blinkered x
    Hope your exams went well. For relaxing – I’m on colouring and jigsaws at the mo….

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    1. Thank you a lot for this comment!! That’s another Point I haven’t even thought about, because I’m not absolutel sure what to do in my future! Thank you, I love puzzles and colouring is a great idea! xx


  2. I hope everything works out. Life can be really stressful. When I get really stressed I lean on God and read His word. It brings so much peace. Sometimes thinking about the bigger picture really helps us stress less.

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