Music, Feelings and Journaling

Hey guys, I know I’ve been away a Long time but that’s just how t is and I can’t Change this. So in this post I wanted to Chat a bit about Music, Feelings and journaling. I know a lot different stuff but yeah, that’s what I want it to be.

I am currently listening to a lot of new music. And do you guys know these special-mood-music times? Like some days I’m really into good vibe dance music and another day I’m only feeling like sad, depressed music, although I do not every time feel this way, when I’m listening to it. So, I make special playlists, does anybody else of you do this? But I won’t publish these because I think some people might get a wrong message from it.

Anyway, I wanted to list some of my current favourites here:

Happy Songs (Loving Life):

  • Am I pretty – The Maine
    I really love “The Maine” at the moment so actually I could list about 20 songs from them. I also thought about buying myself their album “American Candy” but I’m a very difficult person when it gets about buying things, so I didn’t. Please give them a listen and if you want I can recommend more songs from them 😉
  • Ella- Dylan Dunlap
    This song is giving me a good time feeling and I love the sound of the guitar!
  • Naive- The Kooks
    It’s from the movie “17 again” and yeah, it’s just perfection. I love those songs from the end of movies overall they’re mostly giving you this “I have to do something great with my life” or just this “I’m a teenager and will have a great time” thing.

I could list a lot more but I think this is enough for the beginning.

Sad Songs (Life sucks):

They can make me all very sad but I still love listening to this kind of music. I guess it’s often not the best idea to listen sad songs when you’re already in that mood but who doesn’t? Nowadays I’m often listening to this kind of music when I’m going to bed or trying to sleep, it also calms me down and is not stressed at all. And at night-time you’re often starting to think the most about everything possible and music just feels really good with it.

So far about the music. I will link a YouTube video for every mentioned song, so check out a few and tell me what you think about!

In my latest post, I wrote about journaling and that I started a bullet journal and I can say proudly I really keep in track with it. I often thought about showing some pages up on here but I write a lot of personal dates and thoughts (about named people in there) so I can’t really show a lot of it.

For April, I made one page with my habit and mood tracker and one with dates, birthdays and stuff like that. I’m mostly tracking these habits: Reading, exercise, shower, diary, piano, went outside, sleep. and these moods: funny, happy, nothing, lonely, depressed, cried, crush, sad, headache.

On Tuesday, I was at my friend’s house and she showed me the huge number of diaries she wrote. I was really impressed and got more motivated to write my own diary more often again! Also, she read some really funny or remember-worthy memories out to me and that was just great! I really love her and all the memories we made 😝 .

That’s it for the post, I hope you found some of the rambling stuff interesting. Also I hopefully will be doing the Graceful award soon (thank you again graceful for nominating), so have a look for this. Thank you all for reading ❤

xxx Girl on rainbow




4 thoughts on “Music, Feelings and Journaling

  1. Such a cute post! I can totally relate to the memories you and your friends share. I went through my diaries as well recently and enjoyed being reminded of all the great and funny things that happened to me and my friends. It’s nice that you are writing and blogging again, go for it girl! 😉

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