My own planner ~ Project


I’ve got this idea in the beginning of August, yeah I know, that’s long long long time ago.  So I decided insteadt of buying one of those Mainstream planners for School, I wanted to make my one so I can put everything in it I want to Keep track of and can organize my year with the things I want to and can make it look like I want to.

I took some Pictures from the front pages and the month of September but the other months look almost the same, only the colours Change every month and the quotes!

So here are some impressions:


The quotes I took are mostly from song lyrics or just some quotes I found on pinterest!

I only put those things in it, because I don’t want to carry things like a Habit and mood tracker, which are way more personal, with me in School. For These things I have a bullet Journal at home too 😉

Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed this short Inspiration ❤

xxx Girl on rainbow


6 thoughts on “My own planner ~ Project

  1. Your bullet journal is sooooo pretty.
    Btw, its been a long time since you post and I kinda miss reading your posts.
    By any chance can you do more posts?

    Liked by 1 person

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